Toyota Bringing Wireless Charging To Cars?

toyota wireless electric cars
  Wireless electric cars are fast becoming a reality. Thanks to Toyota Motor Corporation's partnership with WiTricity Corp., this innovation is on the verge of becoming a success. By partnering with WiTricity Corp., the car manufacturer is able to utilize the technology that the company uses for wireless power transfer. After... [read more]

Consumer Reports Gives Positive Review To The 2014 Toyota Camry

The 2014 Toyota Camry was recently rewarded the coveted Recommended status by Consumer Reports. Consumer Reports gave the Camry reviewed the 2014 Camry as Recommended after the Camry received a Top Safety Pick safety rating from the IIHS. People have trusted Consumer Reports reviews since 1936, so Warrenton Toyota is... [read more]

Toyota Avalon Adds Standard Backup Camera For 2014 Model

2014 toyota avalon exterior shot
On the second year after its intensive redesign, the 2014 Toyota Avalon has returned for a better shot at its market. Improving on features where the last year model lacked on, the new Avalon sports a more interesting look complete with these changes. While they're not as massive as the... [read more]

The Family Friendly Toyota Prius v

toyota prius v family
When it comes to looking for a family car, there are some qualities that cars need to meet: they need to be spacious, have a high fuel-economy rating, and look good. While finding a car that meets these qualities may be a struggle, it is not a problem with the... [read more]